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The Best Places to Play Golf Worldwide


Golf is among the top 3 most popular individual sports in the world. This precision sport involves throwing a ball through 18 holes spread over the course of approximately 6 kilometres. Using a maximum of 14 clubs, the player should make as few strokes as possible. There is a world federation (International Golf Federation) recognized by the International Olympic Committee, which brings together 127 federations from 122 countries. With 90 million players, golf is the most played sport in the world.

The Success of Online Golf Betting

The days when golf was reserved for a certain elite are now over, and several tournaments, competitions and matches are taking place around the world at any time. The opportunity is even given to all game fans today to follow the competitions directly on the TV or their phones through live streaming. As a result of these advances in technology, many golf enthusiasts can bet for real money. Bookmakers like on, display odds as you go to give you an idea on which golfer or team to bet on to make your game profitable.

The Practice of Golf Worldwide

Golf promotes exchanges and discussions. Idyllic setting, practice in the great outdoors, total concentration, improved balance, complete muscular work, golf offers a wide range of advantages. For example, a French player who has a license spends an average of 1000 euros per year to practice. Opening of clubs, discovery offers, an increasing number of licensee, the success of golf is well established. To attract and retain customers, the organizers address certain personalities. For the Ryder Cup 2018, Danny Boon and Kad Merad were the ambassadors of the French Golf Federation. Success was met with 280 000 spectators on the site of the National Golf Course and 2,2 million viewers in front of French television channels.

The Best Places in the World to Play Golf

Golf is an international sport that can be played anywhere in the world. What could be better than travelling while playing golf on the most beautiful courses? It is possible to practice golf in South Africa, which has more than 450 golf clubs, enough to satisfy the desires of beginners and experienced golfers. In an incredible setting, practice your swing on magnificent courses. Take the opportunity to discover this country of undeniable richness. With its beautiful landscapes, New Zealand also attracts many travellers, golfers or not. But with some 390 golf clubs, this destination will allow amateurs to discover golf courses of an incredible nature. Portugal is a tourist country but also a golf country. Indeed, many Portuguese golf courses are among the top 100 European courses. Near a magnificent beach or the capital, discover the most beautiful European grounds.

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