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Online Betting on Golf How-to Guide & Tips

There is no doubt that online betting is highly popular, and it is one of the biggest money-spinners. It is a multibillion-dollar industry, and additionally, it also provides employment to thousands of people across the world. Yes, there always has been a debate regarding the good and bad with regards to online betting, and this debate has been raging for many decades. Online betting may at best be around 30 years old. Before this period, betting was done in brick and mortar stores or through phone calls and other such methods. While gambling on various casino games is hugely popular, equally popular is sports betting. The internet has certainly changed the way people bet, and online betting has come here to stay.


Golf Betting

While there are different sports on which betting takes place, in this article, we will be talking about betting on golf. There is no doubt that golf continues to be one of the most popular sports in different countries. Further, it also is a popular sport to bet on, and there are thousands of golf fans who do not mind spending money betting on this sport. However, there are still thousands of people who are not too well versed in betting in an online environment.

Our effort, therefore, is to give a reasonably good insight into golf betting in an online environment. We will try and share some information about a sound staking and betting strategy. At the same time, we will try and inform our readers that it is possible to make a decent profit in golf betting in an online environment. This should be useful to golf fans that are keen on trying their hand on betting. With online betting increasing quite significantly, golf without any doubt has become one of the most popular sports to gamble and try to make some money out of it.


Learning The Basics Is The Way Forward

Beginners, in particular, could find online golf betting a bit tough and demanding. This is because there are a number of markets, many betting options, and there are also quite a few bookmakers to choose from. This may seem to be a little overwhelming for first-timers. We are hopeful that the information that we are sharing over the next few paragraphs will allow the beginner to select the right bookmaker and also have the right golf betting strategies. This may be helpful in increasing the overall profitability.

We will be talking about a few things in detail. These include ways and means to choose the right golf tournaments to bet on, an explanation of gold betting odds, a look at some of the best strategies for golf betting, and a few more things. We also will look at some and means by which it may be possible to choose the right bookmaker and other such things. We are sure all these will help our readers to have better insight and information about online betting in general and golf betting particular.


Why People Prefer Online Betting

Though there are many brick and mortar sports betting and casino gambling sites, many punters and bettors prefer moving to online betting simply because there are some obvious advantages and benefits that cannot be ignored. The biggest advantage is, of course, ease of betting and convenience. It is possible to bet sitting in the comfort of our homes, workplaces, and even when we are on the move. In today’s world, when a large part of the world is locked down because of the coronavirus, online betting allows hundreds of thousands of people to bet sitting in the comfort of their homes.

Further, the mobile telephony has literally revolutionized sports betting and has ensured that the entire world of sports betting is literally available in the palm. The competition in online betting is intense, and this translates into more benefits and advantages for the customers. Compared to brick and mortar betting, online betting offers better signup bonuses, and the payouts are also more attractive.

The customers also stand benefitted because they have a wide variety of games and sports to choose from. They do not have the need to run around looking for bookmakers and use their telephone to place bets. They can literally cover the entire world of golf betting, and betting on other forms of sports will also be easy. The payouts also happen almost instantaneously, and in most cases, the winnings are credited to the account of the punters. There is a community of online bettors who also can come in handy, and they could help in sharing information, learning a few tips. It also could be the right platform to interact with experts and experienced bettors with years of experience in sports betting in general and golf betting in particular.

Now that we have a reasonably good understanding of the various advantages of online betting, let us straight away get into the finer points of golf betting in an online environment. We hope that it will be able to help our readers to broaden their knowledge and also look at this sports betting from a different perspective and viewpoint. It certainly will ensure that they enter the minefield of golf betting with the right knowledge. While it may not completely eliminate the risk of making mistakes, they will be able to tread with caution and avoid situations and areas where mistakes could happen easily.


Choose The Right Tournaments To Bet On

If you are keen on making some decent money in sports betting, you must know how to choose the right golf tournaments and bet on the same. There are two main golf tours that are held across the world. Punters are allowed to bet offline. The first one is the PGA tour. These tours consist of many tournaments, and they mostly played on US soil. A few tournaments may be played in South America or in Asia. Most of the players who take part in PGA tours are American by birth. They, however, have to compete with some of the best golf names from other countries of the world. Players from other countries get drawn to PGA tours because of the big prize money and the prestige associated with it.

On the other hand, punters should also have a reasonably good idea about the ET or European tour. These are played across the various important national of Continental Europe, Southern Africa, and Asia. The European Tour certainly has an international flavor when compared to PGA because it is played across 26 countries.

Apart from the above, there is also something known as Fed-Ex cup, and this has the top 125 players involved. Further, any good punter should also know about the various team events that are played across the world, involving many countries. Here the fight is for prestige rather than the monetary benefits that come with.

Understand Golf Betting Odds

Any big tournament has around 150 odd players, and therefore there could be big money riding on the back of these players from the punter’s perspectives. As is the case with other sports, there are some hot favorites, while some belong to the mid-range, and there also could be some rank outsiders. You must, as a punter, understand that the odds are not as predictable as it is in some other sports. This has been the case ever since Tiger Woods slipped from the scene. The betting odds in some matches during Tiger Wood’s era were 4:0, but this is not the case anymore. Therefore, you must be sure about the odds before placing the bets.

Further, there could be a player who may have been an also-ran in a particular tournament. However, he or she might become a favorite in the next tournament that might be just a few days away. This happens because of the weather, the circuit, and other such reasons.

Number of Ways To Bet

Betting in golf in versatile, and there are a number of ways in which a person can bet in this sport.

We are listing down the possible permutations and combinations when it comes to online betting in golf.


  • Betting on tournament winner.
  • Betting on multiple players.
  • Betting on first-round leaders.
  • Betting on those who may end up in the top 10 or top 20.
  • Match bets.
  • Top nationality bets.


Each one has its own uniqueness, and the winning amount could also vary depending on the type of betting that the punter chooses. Obviously, the betting returns on a tournament winner will be much higher when compared to betting on first-round leaders and more. As is the case with other sports, you can also place bets on winning, place betting, and more. Yes, you also can bet on multiple players because this will increase the chances of winning. You also will be able to spread your risk far and wide. Top nationality bets are also something that could again broaden the chances of winning when compared to other sports betting. Hence, you have the liberty to choose the type of betting that is in line with your specific need and requirements and, of course, your risk appetite.

Get to Know Some Common Betting Strategies

Unless you can develop a reasonably sound betting strategy, you may not be able to make it big in an online betting environment as far as this sport is concerned. Based on our expert opinions, we are happy to share some tips that could help you to develop a winning strategy across many golfing circuits.




  • Clearly, study the general form.
  • Also, have a reasonably good idea about the course form.
  • Have a clear understanding of the stats of players.
  • Stay away from inexperienced players.



The form of the players is certainly important, and you must follow his or her form over the past months or perhaps even a few years. You must pay attention to the recent finishes and other such interesting pieces of information. Make sure that you choose only those betting sites that share such useful and pertinent information. Their win record, runner up records, and other such things could help you to know more about the form of these players.

Different players have different forms in different courses. Hence, if you are a serious punter in an online betting environment in this sport, please make sure that you have the right information about the stats as far his or her form in that particular course is concerned. It is quite possible that a particular player could be in the top five but may not have won in a specific course. Hence, you must have this information before you actually bet on him or her for that particular course.

The stats of the players is also an important point that should be given the importance that it deserves. This will help the players to bet in an online environment using their mind rather than betting through their heart or through gut feelings.

Finally, it will always be advisable to stay away from inexperienced players. Though they may be promising in terms of talents, age, and other attributes, lack of experience could make all the difference between winning and losing.


The Reputation of The Site

While understanding the details of golf betting in an online environment is vital, you must not lose sight of the site where you are betting. Always choose sites that have a good track record, like there are websites that rank the UK’s best online casinos see more here. There also sites that rank sports betting sites, but here are my favorite two bet365, and betway. The betting sites must also have been around for at least five to seven years. They must have the best of payout records, and additionally, you must pay attention to the safety and security of your personal information, financial information, banking details, and other details. Look for some good reviews about the site in general and, if possible, with regard to online betting in golf in particular.


To conclude, while golf is a popular game and there are dozens of tournaments held across the world, as a punter, you must know that there is a slight difference between online betting and brick and mortar betting. You must learn the tricks of the trade, and only then should you get into betting only when you have the desired knowledge and expertise. We are sure that the above information will go a long way in helping you to understand golf betting from many different perspectives. We hope it will help you to win more money in the days, weeks, and months to come.

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