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How Golf Helps Students with Research Writing Works

Golf can be played in a social context or as competition. The golfers follow certain rules while in the field like keeping focus, time consciousness, consistent practice and using the right tools. On the other hand, research writing uses similar rules because the writer must commit themselves to write. They also need to focus on their topic, be mindful of the time and be consistent in practice. Golfing can help students improve their research writing in various ways

Time is always important

If the golfer is playing a nine-hole round, they will have about two hours to play. But since they are not playing alone, the two hours will be divided amongst the total number of players in that round.

Let’s say there six players in that round and they are all competing within two hours. It means each will have about half an hour. To the golfers, it will a race against time because they will have to manage the little time they have well and ensure they get the maximum.

The principle will work the same in research writing. The student will not have unlimited time to write their piece of content. That means they have to manage well the little time they have and ensure they get maximum results.

Focus on the topic 

On each round, each player is presented with one or two shots. That means they have one or two chances to hit the ball and score. The player may decide to swing his or her golf club without focus and hit the ball into the woods or focus on the hole and win.

The student is given a topic and they are required to focus on the topic or lose meaning. If the writer sways away in the wrong direction, they will lose focus and will write an entirely different topic from what was assigned.

Help with research writing 

Writing is helpful to students because they become better skilled in the study and perform better in exams. A student may take golf as a sport and find time to play during the weekends or holidays, but there are many lessons they can learn to help in writing. Students who consistently write do not go through many challenges when writing their research papers. If they face any difficulties in writing, they can seek help from research paper helper StudyClerk, a well-known academic writing service. Outsourcing the writing work means more hand on time to play golf and many other useful student activities.

Sharpen your skills daily 

The world-renown golfers were once newbies in the golfing field and probably they didn’t even know the meaning of par, birdie or bogey. As they kept playing, they eventually grabbed the meaning and learned even more golfing terms. Through practice, they eventually became great golfers.

It is the same with research writers because the student may not know terms like keywords and concepts at the beginning. The student needs to commit themselves to their work and write some content daily. Eventually, they grow into great writers as they continually sharpen their skills.

The small details count

The golfer must focus on details and not only the big details but also the small details. If the player misses on some small details, it could mean they will be taken back five feet away from the hole instead of five inches. This is one major lesson students can learn from golf lessons for students.

Small details matter a lot in research writing. The writer can use one word incorrectly and lose on the entire paper. The writer must also focus on the small details on the topic to understand what they need to write.

It is okay to have a bad day

Golfers can have a wonderful day where every swing and move seems to favor them. They shoot the ball and it goes right into the target. There are moments when every move the golfer makes will results negative. That doesn’t mean they will never appear on the golf course again.

The student could have a wonderful where every piece of content hits the target correctly. They pick on a topic, and the concept, keywords, links and everything perfectly fits. If n another day everything goes off-key, it doesn’t mean the student should give up.


Golfers have continually perfected the game by inventing better tools and improving the rules. In the same way, research writers have continually perfected art through better tools and rules. The golfer and writer can learn various lessons from each other. The student can apply the lessons they learn from golfing to improve their research writing and become great writers.

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James Collins works for a B2B e-commerce startup and looks after their sourcing and shipping channels to ensure smooth business operations. On a part-time basis, he helps research students with their thesis and dissertation writing. Other than his work, he loves skiing, reading business magazines and working out in the gym.

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